Mission Countdown

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last days before MTC

Kara had a busy few days before she left for the MTC. On Saturday she moved back to Salt Lake to store her stuff and get ready for the big move. That night all her friends in Provo had a surprise going away party for her. She told me it was funny because her friends came and picked her up during the day for a girls night out and she spent her first few hours in Provo with a boy because her girl friends were all busy.

On Sunday Kara gave a wonderful talk in sacrament that we all enjoyed. After her talk she went to her grandparents for an open house and to visit with some family. Then that night Kara and a couple of friends went to her mom's house for a yummy dinner and games.On Monday Kara spent some time with her niece and nephew at the Hogle Zoo. We had fun getting together and the kids loved all the animals.On Tuesday Kara went with her oldest sister (me) and her brother-in-law to the Salt Lake Temple. We missed the noon session and they only have a session every hour so Kara and I left my husband in the chapel to go eat lunch and then we came back for our session. One of the temple workers took us after the session into the offices in the temple so we could see more of the details inside the temple. It was a wonderful experience. Then Kara did all of her last minute shopping. Can you believe that this girl was paying bills up until 15 minutes before she needed to be at the MTC. I would call her "crazy". Tuesday night most of Kara's family went to the Stake President's office and set her apart as a missionary. She was blessed with many great things!
On Wednesday after waking up at 8 am and getting ready for the day. Kara went and finished her packing for the MTC with the help of her sister (me). I hope her mission helps her learn to pack better she was not organized in anyway she just threw things in her suitcase. But I still love her :) Then we all met for lunch at the Pita Pit in Provo. Kara was able to meet up with a few of her friends. And after eating Kara and 3 of her friends along with her mom and sister took her to the MTC. All we got to do was pull up to the curb and get her luggage out. Because of the flu they are not letting families into the MTC it is all curb drop off. But Kara had two Elders their to help with the suitcases. And one was a very cute Elder with an Irish accent.
I hope Kara remembered everything with her last minute packing. I know she is ready to serve the night she got set apart she bore her testimony to her family. She will make a great missionary!