Mission Countdown

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picture FUN

So Kara must have had extra time this week and sent me a few photos to share with you. I hope you enjoy them since it took a while to get them in the right format to post. The captions below the photos are what Kara wrote about each photo. So Enjoy!When Argentina was playing in the world cup for soccer there was no one on the streets. It was dead and when we clapped at peoples houses they would either get mad or not answer. Argentina lost and a lot of people cried it was really funny they just looked at me and say "you don´t understand how I feel." I said you are very right I don't! Then they would say "well the US lost last week." I would just laugh and say "yo se esta bien (I know all is well)." Oh man I love Argentina :)
I believe this is my 2nd day in the mission I saw this really cool looking plant and wanted a pic those were very hard days I had to get use to walking everywhere everyday and the area is huge but I love it so much now!!!!This is my trip to the Indian ruins it was so much fun. I bought a bag while I was there. The Indians live in these really small mud houses. I learned that the reason missionaries don´t live in mud houses here is because there is a certain beetle that lives in them and if he bites you will have heart problems the rest of your life. Crazy! But our whole zone went it was so much fun. Look I was even taller then the door hahaha
At the Indian ruins they had these cactus's. It's crazy how big they are there were tons. And when we were standing on a ledge one of the Elders shoved one of the dogs and he almost fell off into a field of cactus. I hate dogs but that would have been so so sad to watch!
One of our investigators was telling us she couldn't go to church cause she had to walk behind Mary. I was so confused because there are status every where of Mary but they are in the ground. So how do you walk behind her?? Then I heard music playing this Sunday and realized they walk all around town holding this statue of Mary and playing music. It's super weird but they do it every Sunday. HA HA and they think we have a weird religion!
I don't even know where to start! It was really cold and i put my pants on the mini heater and walked away. I came back in and there was smoke everywhere. I melted my pants and the heater. Our only heater! But it still works it didn't really heat anything up in the first place. That same week while I was at church I was sitting up against a heater and my skirt got burnt. It was so sad I loved that skirt now it looks like a pee stain yuck!!!

This is Hermana Vilma and I eating these buñuelos. They only make them in Jujuy. And they are amazing!! Hermana Vilma is the Relief society president in our ward. Some inactive members came and made them for an activity and they are divine!!
I don't have any baptisms yet but its a work in progress. I made a goal this week to only speak Spanish this is my 3rd day and it is so so hard! But I'm learning so much faster!! The only investigator that is going to church every week is Ariel. And Ariel won't stop doing drugs. We made a potential baptism date for him on the 3rd of October but he needs to stop doing drugs.
We have another investigator named Carmen she has wanted to be baptized for a long time but she wasn't married to her husband. And he has not divorced his first wife. We tried to teach him and have him do the paper work to marry Carmen but he wouldn't. He died about 3 weeks ago. So we were reviewing the discussing for baptism with Carmen and come to find out she doesn't remember any of the lessons. So were re-teaching everything and she is praying to know if she should be baptized. Oh I love Carmen!
Anyways I got to go I love you all. I promise I'm doing my best. Out!! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Days of Snow

Her is Kara with Hermana Pippia in the snow. Kara said that is snowed for three days and that it is very cold there. Which for me is weird to think about since it has been over 100 degrees in Vegas for the past several weeks. She says that in her apartment they have no heater and that you can see your breath while breathing. She seems to be making the best of it. She reports they are singing Christmas songs in July :)

She says one of the sisters their Herman Ryder has helped her come up with a study program to help her with her Spanish and now she is learning a lot faster. She also says she is loving her mission and the people there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New companion Hermana Pippia

Hermana Pippia and Hermana Morris. This is Kara's new companion on one of there P-days they went on a hike to some indian ruins nearby in Welcuta . Kara reports she is doing well and that her Spanish is getting better. She says she can now have whole conversations in Spanish and that she can understand more then she can speak.