Mission Countdown

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Up to Date

It has been a while since you have seen what Sister Morris is up to and I apologize it seems the two of us have been busy, me at home in the states and Kara on her mission. Also Kara's camera was stolen so I had to send her a new one to get some pictures to post. Which she can't send until she gets my second package with the camera cord :) Oh the joys of international mail! So let me get you up to date on Kara's coming and goings.

November/December 2010:

Kara sent me a brief description of her last three companions. Her is what she said about the one she had over the holidays:

"My first comp in San Pedro was Hermana Gaitan from Argentina. I was with her for six weeks from right before Thanksgiving up until right after Christmas. I learned a lot! She made me do everything start the lessons, pick what we were going to teach to people, everything. And she was a fireball sometimes she would just blow up and I would just laugh at her. I loved her to death! I grew the most in my transfer with her."

If I recall Kara said this transfer was so difficult because she could only speak Spanish because her companion only knew Spanish. So it was in this transfer that she really mastered the Spanish language. Kara was also able to call home on Christmas Day and talk to all of her brothers and sisters and her mom. It was a great day and it was great to hear her doing so well. By Christmas her Spanish was so well that she was talking both Spanish and English on the phone and only Spanish to her brothers since they both severed Spanish speaking missions.

January 2011:

Kara started out the New Year with a new companion here is what she said about her:

"Hermana Guzman was my comp from Chile she was the bomb. It was hard at first cause we were both so use to doing everything and our companions just saying yes. I was not senior comp she was so she just did what she wanted. But we figured it out we worked together in unity. She worked different then I would have liked but the mission is all about making adjustments for your companion."

She stayed with Hermana Guzman for about 6 weeks and then she got a new companion last week.

February 2011:

So Kara started last week in a new area and with a new companion. Here is what she said:

"I'm in my new area.. guess where?? SALTA wear I told you 3 weeks ago I never wanted to serve hahaha. But it had two elders here before and now 4 Hermanas so we are opening up the area. My companion is a Latin and she is from Argentina this is my 3rd Argentine. She is super nervous because she has never opened up an area before. But I am excited because I was getting so bored I wanted a new adventure.

Guess what? I live with my step-mom Hermana Castillo!!! She is my favorite comp ever! I'm so excited. We are in the same ward but have different comps. She is opening up one part of the ward and I am opening up the other. I am going to learn so much!!!"

Kara is continuing to learn and grow on her mission. And now you know she is still working hard. I will post more when I know more. And hopefully she will get the camera cord so we can have some pictures to enjoy.