Mission Countdown

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kara's Letter from 8/23/10

I got a new companion today she is from Illinois! I love her to death! It's weird to be able to have an opinion about things. She asked me what I like to do on my p-day I didn't know because my old companion just planned everything for us my say didn't matter to her. My companions name is Hermana Castillo she looks like a native speaker but she isn't. She is 9 months into her mission now. And she loves to play football so we will get a long great!!

This week was really good I did a split with a Hermana in a different area and she came to my area. Her name was Hermana Compos she doesn't know any English but we had an amazing day! And I realized that I knew a lot more Spanish then I thought, I just lacked confidence in it. She had 4 splits that week and she said I was her favorite because we were both learning so much and trying so hard it was amazing.

My new companion said the key to baptisms is to love the people. She said were going to have a ton of baptisms. All we need is love and she is full of love. I love it! The president of Argentina is in town and were going to see if we can pass by and take a pic with her!!

I taught the plan of salvation this week to some families it was amazing to see there change and see how much they loved the idea. I'm finally happy on my mission and its a really cool feeling. I can understand almost everything in Spanish about 90%. And I don't have to translate anymore the words make sense in Spanish. I love it.

Oh and we live on the 2nd floor of our house and we have an extra mattress. So on p-day we slide down the stairs. It is a blast we just came up with last week.

Hermana Morris

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kara's Letter from 8/16/10

This week has been amazing and this transfer too. I have an investigator named Carmen she has been an investigator for 9 months and couldn't be baptized because she wasn't married to her husband but he died last month. Our goal is to baptize her children with her. So we're teaching one son and two grandchildren because they are the only ones that will listen. The spirit is so strong when we teach them about where their dad is now.

When my companion realized that everyone who didn't have a chance here to learn the gospel will get to learn about it in the spirit world she was like "what am I on a mission for if they will all learn it latter." I tried to explain it to her but she didn't get it and then she just let it go. Oh my companion I love her.

We have been teaching Mayra for 3 weeks now she is 17. She loves and embraces everything that we teach her it is super awesome. She came to church on Sunday for the first time and loved it so much. She is so amazing. I can't wait to baptize her she is amazing!!

We have a a women named Fabianna she is 23. She lives in a cinder block house and one side doesn't have a wall. She has a 2 year old little girl. When we were teaching her that God loves her she said "if God loves me then why do I have to live here with my daughter?" We told her that we all have our challenges are for a reason. A couple of lessons later she prayed and in the prayer she thanked Heavenly Father that she has food to feed her daughter. Even with how bad off she was she was still grateful. And it has been freezing here so no wall is a big deal. IF someone with no wall can be grateful and still enjoy life then we can to. It makes me look at things differently. My trials are not that bad there is always someone worse off!

Hermana Morris

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hermana Conference

Kara was able to attend a Hermana conference and meet all the sisters in her mission. She said she had a great time. She also says the Spanish is coming along better since she is speaking it more. She also reports that her mission is the hardest thing she has ever done! But that she loves Argentina.

Also this last week she says she played soccer for 4 hours on her p-day. So now she is sunburnt and tired but she loved it. Also she says she tried Argentina stake for the first time and loved it. And that she is learning to cook a lot of food.

She also says that there investigator Jorge has set a baptism date for September. She says they had been teaching him for a while (2 months) and finally had a softened heart after hearing someone bear their testimony to him.

This taught me a lesson that I need to share my testimony more often with others. It is good to hear that Kara is doing so well :)