Mission Countdown

Monday, June 7, 2010


I made it! I am finally here. OK so after my forever flight to Salta Argentina I spent the night with the Hermana missionaries in Salta Argentina until they decided where I was going the next day. The heater was broken in our room so we froze cause its winter here so it gets cold at night and without a heater we might as well be sleeping outside. Then when I went to take a shower there was no hot water. That is why I look so ugly in the picture with the president.

I thought to myself please don´t send me to Salta cause one of us had to stay in that apartment and the other one took a bus to Jujuy. Well shortly after that I met with the mission president and he sent me to Jujuy!!! and my MTC companion stayed in Salta.

My Companions name is Hermana Pippia she is a native to Argentina. We live with two other sisters and one is from Chile the other is from Uruguay its awesome living with all lats. My Spanish is coming I can understand a lot more. Now Don´t worry by companion speaks English she is going to school to be an English professor.

I still have no heater but its OK i think someone is coming to fix it today. I´m sore everyday in places I didn't know you could be sore like the back of my knees lol. I love the feeling cause it lets me know I´m working super hard everyday. I just wish it would be less painful. We have cockroaches in our kitchen lol.

The people here are really humble I love teaching them I've only had one door slammed in my face so far. They call my mission the promised land cause there is so much success. My companion has been here for 3 months and baptized only 1 person but I think its because we never followed up with the people. We are now and we have 6 baptism dates for next month and 20 new investigators.

I can´t wait until I can speak fluent Spanish then I could do so much more. When I got here I came to this weird cold country where everyone spoke gibberish. I felt like I kept running at a wall with Spanish over and over again but the wall wasn't moving. Now I've grabbed an axe and I'm chopping at the wall. I have some holes made where I see the light. I understand a lot more. I'm so happy the lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues.

I've been totally humbled by being here everything is in the Lords hands now. I just do my best everyday and leave the rest up to him. I know this where I'm suppose to be right now and its a real good feeling. I've got some souls to save so I'll see you all later :)

Hermana Morris

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mission President

She made it!

Kara has made it to her mission! After a very long trip. Here she is with Pres. Northcutt and Sister Northcutt.

Her mission President sent her family a lovely photo and message saying she was doing well. And that she is off with a great missionary as her trainer. Now we just have to wait for Kara to tell us all is going well. It is good to know she has arrived and is where she needs to be!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phone Call at the Airport

Kara's Phone Call

Kara (oops Sister Morris) was able to call her family this Memorial Day and it was such a treat! She talked to lots of different family members and it was great to hear her so happy :) At the time I talked to her on the phone she was preparing for a 17 hour flight to Buenos Aires. She said after she arrived she would then find out if she was taking a two our plane flight or a 21 hour bus ride.

She was traveling with her MTC companion since they were heading to the same mission and she was also going with another group of Elders in her district from the MTC that were also heading there.

She sounded so happy and she said she had changed a lot since entering the MTC already. And that she can not wait for the mission field. She knows it will be hard but that it will be worth it.

Kara we will see you in only a few months. I can't believe you are leaving already! Best of luck with your two day journey. Her next letter will be from Salta Argentina.