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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kara's Letter

I promise I'll send pictures soon. When I first got to the MTC I went into culture shock and didn't like it much. I love it here now. I love my district and my companion. I love how much I learn everyday about the gospel and Spanish. The other day I was doing my task for the week and were suppose to talk to people about eternally families in Spanish. I practiced the whole thing for what felt like hours we went in there to do the task with the investigator. I ended up talking about how God loves us, The the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was our first prophet in this dispensation. we also talked about prayer and bore are testimonies. It was so amazing the gift of tongues is real if you go in prepared the lord will fill yours months not the whole thing was in Spanish but i was saying Spanish words I had only heard people say once. Even though the MTC can fill like a jail cell the experiences we have in it our worth the confinement. I love my mission I can't wait to teach the people of Argentina. Missions are super hard but I've already changed so much for the better I left as Kara Shay Morris and now became Hermana Morris a servant of the lord. I will do anything he wants. The spirit is so strong here. That makes the adversary crazy strong he'll get me when I'm weak but its kind of nice cause he makes all my weaknesses stronger and that is what I need before I get into the field. Stay strong and if you need anything read your scriptures the answers to everything are in there if you look hard enough. I love you all!!!

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