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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letter from May 12th

so every Tuesday night we have a devotional two weeks ago we had L. Tom Perry he talked about the Book of Mormon. Last night we had Jeffery R. Holland he talked about missionary work how to be a better mission and that we need to be converted before we convert the people. He said I want everyone of you to come back with one convert and it better be yourself you better not leave this church when you come back and you better serve a full mission. It was so profound and powerful. Two amazing apostles spoke while I was here I am so blessed for the opportunity.

He said that we are going into war and were at boot camp for it right now. My Spanish is coming the other night a sister came up to me and was speaking to me in Spanish and I didn't realize she was speaking Spanish for like 5 min cause I understood everything she said it was amazing. I leave on June 1st to Argentina I'm so excited to serve the people. I guess in Salta Argentina they speak a mix of Italian and Spanish so i shall know both when i get back. The CCM (mtc) is duro (hard) but I love it here. I don't have any amazing stories yet cause I'm not in the field. I did cry when i was teaching one of my investigators cause the spirit was strong. Hope to get letters from everyone soon!! love you all. I really mean that I love you!! :)

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