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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phone Call at the Airport

Kara's Phone Call

Kara (oops Sister Morris) was able to call her family this Memorial Day and it was such a treat! She talked to lots of different family members and it was great to hear her so happy :) At the time I talked to her on the phone she was preparing for a 17 hour flight to Buenos Aires. She said after she arrived she would then find out if she was taking a two our plane flight or a 21 hour bus ride.

She was traveling with her MTC companion since they were heading to the same mission and she was also going with another group of Elders in her district from the MTC that were also heading there.

She sounded so happy and she said she had changed a lot since entering the MTC already. And that she can not wait for the mission field. She knows it will be hard but that it will be worth it.

Kara we will see you in only a few months. I can't believe you are leaving already! Best of luck with your two day journey. Her next letter will be from Salta Argentina.

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