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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kara's First Baptism

Hermana Morris and Hermana Castillo with Carmen Castillo who is 60+ years old
Carmen's story is amazing Heavenly Father really wanted her baptized.
After her interview with are district leader to be baptized she was praying asking if she should really be baptized because she had already been baptized. And she got a strong prompting to read a chapter in the scriptures. She said it hit her like a ton of bricks! She was suppose to be baptized in this church because we have the power!
The day of the baptism she had to work late because the person to cover her shift didn't show up and the next person didn't show either. It was about 4:30 and she was thinking maybe this was a sign that she wasn't suppose to baptized. But then she decided it was Satan and she really needed to go get baptized! So someone finally showed up she ran home picked up her family and came to her baptism. She was an hour late but she was baptized and she has the strongest testimony now. I love her and I love the lord for converting her!!!

Kara also reports that Carmen's son is also one of there investigators and will be getting baptized on the 2nd.

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