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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kara's Letter from 9/6/10

Kara wrote this week to say she is very excited. She has her first baptism this weekend to Carmen. She says that she and her companion have the best numbers in the district but she puts the credit to loving the people! And also that the members and investigators they already have are finding them new investigators. And that the investigators are coming to church on there own without a member with them.

Kara says that the sun has finally come out while she was playing soccer and that she is no longer white but RED. Gotta love those sunburns.

Kara says they were able to find a new family through a referal. She says the family doesn't talk to each other and the dad goes and gets drunk all the time. The mom wanted help with her 13 year old son he seems to be sad all the time. Kara explained that they can help but that the family needs to unite. So the mom, son, and daughter are all coming to church together. They love it so much and the mom is going to divorce the dad. The dad has 4 other families beside this one and keeps bringing this family down. Kara explained the family proclamation to them and how the 3 of them can have unity and love each other.

Kara also says they found another family last week. They said they couldn't go to church because they had to go to there other church. But Kara and her companion went and visited them everyday during the week. I guess it payed off because they surprised Kara and her companion and showed up to church on Sunday. And they loved it. They talked about FHE and how they need to have one and since Kara was teaching them about unity as a family it fit perfectly.

Kara says God is blessing her everyday on her mission. She says she understands Spanish a lot better now but that her companion Hermana Castillo had to kick her the first few days because she was not use to talking so much. But now she loves it and all the members think she is funny because she speaks so bad. And that she laughs at herself a lot but that the members are helping her to learn Spanish better.

She says she is teaching some members English. She says one family wants to learn English and the piano. So in trade for English lessons from Kara and piano lessons from Hermana Castillo they are teaching them guitar, Spanish, and a rubrics cube!

Kara says she loves her mission and does not want to be anywhere else in the world right now!

It is great to hear that she is doing so well :)

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