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Monday, October 4, 2010

More Pictures to share

Kara's photos of fun
Kara says she loved conference and that she had two baptisms over the weekend. She also sent a lot of photos to share so enjoy. The captions below each photo are by Kara.

The week before Anahi's baptism we went to her house for her birthday party she just turned ten.
haha and on a side note this is my sunburn from two weeks ago . It is Herman Rider on the left, me in the middle and my companion on the right. Can you say ouch? haha but now I just have a huge farmer's tan.
This how I study in the morning. It's my thinking cap! haha are you surprised you all knew I was weird
This is my awesome zone. I'm going to miss them! Most of them left this transfer but I still have my comp so I'm good.
Me and my companion Hermana Castillo at conference at my church. We found a cord yeah so we got to watch it in English.
This was Anahi's baptism in between the conference session on Saturday. I love this family we should be baptizing her mom and her brother next week they are in this photo as well
my companion Anahi and myself
This is Ariel he has been my investigator for as long as I have been and longer. He loved drugs and alcohol nobody had hope for him. But when Herman Castillo came we talked and we decided on some goals for him. He use to smoke 20 cigarettes a day and drink every weekend he also loved coca its like cocaine. But we told him we believed in him and we knew he could do it! We met with him about 5 times a week and now he is clean, sober and baptized. He was baptized on Saturday and I don't think I will ever forget that amazing day!
This is Ariel with some awesome members of our ward that helped him out so much. Our x-mission leader Rodrigo is standing next to me he got released a week ago. He helped with everything especially Ariel. He went to Bolivia on his mission and got back a week before I got here I'm going to miss him being our mission leader. But Jose the one standing next to my companion is are new mission leader and he works so hard and is amazing as well.
This is Hermana Rider and me she just went home to SLC today and I'm going to miss her so much! I lived with her for 3 months she is amazing.
This was from today we walked around central and looked things. Everyone was doing transfers so we had nothing else to do. This is a picture in the grounds of one of the Catholic churches we went to. They have a million statues inside I'm really confused how they can all be the same religion but worship different statues. It just doesn't seem correct to me haha I guess its not suppose to!

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