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Monday, October 11, 2010


Martin was baptized he is the son of my first baptism Carmen. And this weekend his little brother is getting baptized. He is amazing it was hard for him to decide to be baptized he knew it was true but he was scared. So we all got on our knees and prayed. His mom prayed first and then him. His mom Carmen begged the lord to give Martin the answer to be baptized. We all cried and then he prayed about it. It was amazing but he still wasn't sure. That night he prayed by himself the next day we came over and had a whole lesson planned for it. We did the lesson then he told us yes about the baptism. He said he received an answer the night before. I know the Lord does answer our prayers and its amazing.
Oh Ruben what can I say about Ruben? I taught him once 2 months ago. He is the boyfriend of one of our members. He wanted to get baptised here so his girlfriend and family could be there. We talked to the Hermanas in Buenos Arias where he livesd about what has been taught so we could baptise him. Turns out the Hermanas didn't want him to be baptised here and didnt give him permission even though he wanted it here. To bad that we dont need there permission! Our zone leaders said yes he could be baptized because he had all the lessons and this is what he wanted. He came in from Buenos Arias at 7 and got baptised at 7:30 it was amazing he was so so happy!!

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