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Friday, March 4, 2011


So guess what Kara finally got my packages and so that means we now can enjoy some pictures. So just as a warning she has a lot! So enjoy and there will be more to come next week :) Oh and if you want to look at the pictures in the right order start from the bottom and go up. I downloaded them the way she sent them but they upload the other way.

This was my bomb district on our last meeting together. We lived far away from each other our district leader was 1 hour from us and the others are 2 hours away. We always met in the middle and traveled 1 hour every week to the meetings.
This was my house in San Pedro. I lived with my mom Hermana Pippia that is sitting next to me. My comp Hermana Guzman and Hermans Zaveleta. It was the bomb I learned tons of Spanish!
I had lunch with the family Inigo and they made me a sign with all there names!!
My birthday!! my cake was so good!!!
Hermana Guzman and my birthday lol. I didn't know how to tell her that her outfit was different but she is still beautiful!
Hermana Guzman and I took a visit to Jujuy I went and saw everyone from my old zone and played football!!!
This is me and Hermana Peneta. I spent Christmas with her and other Hermanas. I have always wanted to be her comp but I don't think its going to happen. But we will hang out in Utah after the mission!!!
This is what happens when you can't touch girls for a long time lol. This was my district leader and my zone leader. I snapped the shot and they all ran after me to erase it. But of course I won cause I put my camera in my shirt lol!
Cleaning time!! This is me and Hermana Campos we did exchanges the transfer of the picture she is amazing !!
This was our service project we did on New Years Day. We cleaned up a plaza it was fun. This is two of the districts in our zone it was really fun!!
This was our picture on New Years in San Pedro. It was awesome the Hermanas that were in Oran came down and we had a party!!!
I was waiting for Hermana Gaitan to leave to another area and Hermana Guyman came so we took a photo!!! And then Soledad of course the bomb!!
This is the president of my branch and his wife. We ate there every Sunday in San Pedro we had ice cream for dessert every time and it was a whole kilo for us four. Yay!! Also this is my comp Hermana Gaitan on her last Sunday with me and our member Soledad she helped us so much!

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