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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures! Part 2

Alright be prepared for many pictures. Kara had to make up for last week so she sent me 26 pictures to share with all of you. Below each picture is her own description of what it is (with a little editing help!). So enjoy! Also this week Kara is becoming senior companion. Her new companion is Hermana Norton from Utah and she has only been out for 4 months so we will see what happens.
This is what they did to me in San Pedro when I tried to pray. lol!
This is Marisol she is my convert. I just don't know where her baptism picture are but she is amazing! She is 19 but really really tiny.
The family Inigo we ate lunch with them every Tuesday and always stopped by there house and had some juice they are amazing!!!
My peps from San Pedro. Funny thing is this is all the people from the other ward. I don't know what happened to mine. But I left at 7:30 in the morning they all got up and met me at the bus station they are so so nice!!
My first p day in Salta I went bowling with lizard and herms. It was awesome I never thought I would see them again until after the mission.
Me and my comp of this transfer Hermana Patino she is from Argentina. This was the day I think I got pneumonia. haha
This is a cool butterfly on a flower that I took in a investigators yard. He cut all his flowers and gave them to me the other day he is so sweet he is 66 yrs old.
We had to do a service project and clean a house of a lady. This is her bathroom and yes there is poop on the walls! ewwww. We cleaned it and the next week it was worse then before we came but that is OK the ward tried. It showed lots of unity!!!
We went to San Lorenzo. These next couple of photos will be of this. My comp went to but she didn't want to walk up the mountain so she stayed behind and I went with Hermana Castillo
Pretty huh? I love this so much!!

We are jumping on a bridge!!
I felt like Tarzan it was so cool!

This was after I fell in the water so I decided to chill and take a picture or two. lol

BYU verses U of U and he is from Chile and the other is from Pennsilvanya. hahahaha

I crawled all the way up there to take this picture on a log. haha the elders were laughing so hard.

My zone we made it to the top!!!!! yay!!!!!!!
This was me and my comp at the zone conference. I was suppose to be in my bed but she wanted to go so we did.
Me and Hermana Castillo. love her!!!
This is me in my sick days lol glad those are over
My picture (x-ray) before
My picture (x-ray) now.. I am all better!!!

This was me after I went out to work the 2nd day. lol I died sitting in bed for two weeks it seems to make a person very lazy
My comp leaving to Oran. Good times, I love her and I learned a lot from her.

Lizard leaving to Tucuman!!! I am going to miss him. There goes the three amigos, the three musketeers, the three I don't know but there gone now :( He was the bomb!!!

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