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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Pics

I am a little behind but here is Kara's next round of photos. I hope you enjoy. She has provided the captions below each photo.Last week p day we partied it up with some fut-ball ( soccer)
at conference with the Hermana's
After a one year olds B-day party in the ward the Hermana's took the balloons home. And why we were planning they attacked us with confetti and then balloons. So we took the balloons after Hermana Castillo tried to resel us to the wall so we wouldn't. But we took the balloons into there room and popped them it was on there floor for a week! lol and this is a picture of our room lol

My comp Hermana Norton, Hermana Castillo and were holding Hermana Castro. We live together! It is a lot of fun!! There is suppose to be a statue of Jesus behind us but the elders don't know how to take pictures!! lol
Went to McDonalds to eat and took a picture!!!
This is our zone picture when we went to go see Jesus. I tried to tell them that we are breaking a commandment by going cause its like worshiping but they didn't want to listen. And then they said we had to go lol oh well it was fun!

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