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Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Pictures Before Transfer

Its me and my companion buying stuff at chango mas (there so called Walmart) to make gorilla turds (no bake cookies)

These are our shutters. It was really windy one day and I wasn't paying attention cause I was so into my studies but our shutters were blowing back and forth. And then all the sudden I heard this big loud bang they had fallen off the hinges and fell two stories. They shattered into pieces and we decided it would be fun to put it back together even though we have no idea how. We fixed two of them and can't figure out the third and have yet to hang them up even though they feel 2 weeks ago haha the life of a missionary.
So my zone leaders call me a penguin cause one day we were eating ice cream on p-day and they kept saying paloma. I thought they were calling me one so I turned to my comp and said what is a paloma cause they keep calling me one. For all you that don't know its a penguin or a dove now they call me a penguin. And on Thursday I received bird food from them they so funny! So we made bird feeders and hung them outside our house it was way fun.
Our washer broke we thought there was a gas leak cause it smelt so bad but it was just our washer. We didn't have money to buy a new one so are zone leaders did. And one day they will get reimbursed.
Edwardo got baptized about two weeks ago he is the son of Carmen my first convert and the brother of another convert martin. I was so happy for him his dad died and he said that in a dream his dad came to him and told him to be baptized so he was. He is 12 years old and he calls me fat all the time and says I should go running he is really funny, like I would ever run!

Karina got baptized on Saturday she is the mother of Anahi she got baptized a month ago but Karina has had a tough life and her husband cheats on her with lots of other women but she has found happiness and wants to start a new life with her kids. I'm so happy for her :)
Ana is a member I love her so much she comes to all our activities!!

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